Kriti Sanon to be seen in Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Panipat”

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Kriti Sanon is an Indian model and actor. She has been seen previously in movies like Heropanti, Dilwale, and Raabta. Though her film Raabta which was released recently was not a big hit then also the actress got a lot of appreciation. In just past two-three years, the actress has got a lot of fame and success which can be seen through the number of fans she has on social media platforms. Kriti Sanon has 10.3 million followers on Instagram, 2.1 million on Facebook and 3.4 million on Twitter.

Kriti Sanon has a lot of projects coming and a recent tweet by the actress confirms that she will be seen in upcoming  Ashutosh Gowariker’s movie “Panipat”. 
Tweet by Kriti Sanon
The story of the movie “Panipat” will be based on the third battle of Panipat and will be an action movie. The leading actors which will be seen in the movie will be Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, and Sanjay Dutt. The actor Sanjay Dutt of the film was also seen previously with Ashutosh Gowariker in a movie named Naam which was released back in (1986). The movie Panipat is scheduled for release in December (2019).
In a recent interview, Ashutosh said that he wanted a beautiful, talented and hardworking actress for his movie and he founds Kriti Sanon to be all in one. Whereas for Arjun Kapoor he said that he is a talented actor and has both skills of doing comedy and romancing. Ashutosh also said that he was impressed by the double roles of Arjun in the movie Mubarakan. The movie Mubarakan was released back in 2017 and was a big hit for Arjun’s career.

The Poster of the movie:-


Ashutosh’s previous movie Mohenjo Daro was not a hit and was not able to get audience attention but we hope that this will come out as a Materpiece of his career.